Illegal Dumping in River causing harm to Salmon Habitat

Everyone deserves a safe, clean and healthy environment to be in. We as humans want to live in a nice area that is kept clean and is healthy to live in. We don’t want to live in garbage. We would prefer to have a nice home to be in. It’s important to think of that with species also. Each species has a habitat, they might share it with a similar species to them, but it’s their habitat. The last thing we should be doing is throwing garbage in or around their habitat.

In the article, “Illegal dumping at Goldstream River could jeopardize salmon habitat” is about the Goldstream River and people are dumping trash things like beer cans and even a couch into the river and in the banks and terrestrial areas around the river. It doesn’t matter if the trash does not go directly into the river but if it’s on those areas around the river the chemicals can leak into the river and contaminate the habitat.The salmon are living in this river and are being affected by the contamination. Here’s why you shouldn’t contaminate the ground or a body of water.

One way this connects to what we are learning in class is the food web. The chemicals that are currently being leached into the river is impacting the health of the river, but it also most importantly impacts the salmon. It doesn’t stop there though it impacts the entire food web. If another species comes along and eats the salmon it will get whatever the salmon had. An whoever eats the next species will also get it, and it just starts becoming a chain reaction. If you want to learn more visit this site about food webs. It connects because we learned how energy flows through food chains and food webs. We talked about how animals eat other animals and that would be an example of this like I said earlier if a species eats the salmon they will get whatever the salmon may have from the trash.

Another way this connects to what we learned in class is from section 4 when we learned about how each species has a specific role to play in the ecosystem. In this case a salmon would be considered a specialist. They only live in one type of habitat like a river or stream. They can’t tolerate many many different environmental conditions. If salmon can’t tolerate different environmental conditions, what about when their habitat is being destroyed by garbage? For more information about species who are specialists click here. It’s not healthy for the salmon to have to live in a destroyed habitat by all the chemicals, or fair to other animals who consume the salmon to become inflicted with any sort of disease from the chemicals.

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